Education-based Training and Consultation

I have lots of experience working in schools. As such, a big part of my practice involves consulting with educationally-based groups on a host of different topics. Here are some areas that I can help with:

  • Creating, developing and implementing educationally-related therapeutic support programs in schools. This includes the development of program philosophies (including mission and vision statements), implementing reinforcement systems, token economies, staff training, handling crisis situations, and integrating programs within the larger educational environment.
  • Integrating and implementing mindfulness practices in the classroom. Mindfulness has been shown to positively impact classroom culture and provide students with built-in opportunities for calm and rest. A long-time meditator myself, I incorporate insights I’ve learned into a practical approach for applying mindfulness principles in classroom settings.
  • Teacher development. I have developed and conducted numerous trainings assisting teachers and administrative staff to reconceptualize what it means to be a helper, discussing such topics as: the meaning of sacrifice; burnout and compassion fatigue; confronting negative core beliefs about the nature of helping; seeing the role of teaching as an important step in the journey of life.
  • Ongoing staff training and development. I love helping helpers. I help staff members (teachers, instructional assistants, etc.) build their capacity for consistent, positive interactions with students, modeling poise, firmness and boundaries, in a way that is also kind and helpful. I also teach helpers how to notice and understand their own blocks in relationship with others, paving the way for more fluid, harmonious interaction patterns.