Orientation and Worldview

My worldview and therapeutic orientation is holistic and multidimensional. Here’s what that means:

I have a psychodynamic orientation. This means I work with the understanding that we all have an unconscious mind that drives our most deeply held thoughts and feelings about ourselves, others and the world. To make the unconscious conscious is a major part of the healing process.

I have a transpersonal orientation. This means I believe we all have access to an inner source of wisdom, knowledge and insight beyond the confines of the personal ego, or ‘I’. To experience this source within is healing and regenerative; to establish a continual relationship with this source is transformative.

I have a somatic and psychoenergetic orientation. This means I deeply value the role of the body as an energetic system, understanding that our bodies hold our experiences of fear, anger, guilt, and sadness. To work with the body is ­­­­­­to work with the unconscious mind.

I have a relational orientation. This means I see humans as inextricably linked within their relational environments – intimate relationships, families, as well as culture and society. In a sense, we are our relationships. To heal our relationships is thus to heal ourselves.

artwork: Hilma af Klint, Altarpiece No. 3