Relevant Background

I deeply value my work as a therapist and find great joy in helping people along in their life’s journey. Aside from that, I am a husband, father, enthusiast of books, beautiful music, great films and good coffee. When I’m not working you can usually find me taking day trips with my family, reading up on interesting topics in literature or the sciences or spending quiet time on the meditation cushion (it’s actually a couch).

My own spiritual practice informs everything I do. I am a long time student of non-dual philosophy (through the teachings of A Course in Miracles and others), and was personally mentored by the late psychologist Kenneth Wapnick, whom I consider a teacher and mentor of the highest caliber. Thus I see my work with clients and my own development as one and the same journey. When I am in touch with the gentle truth of oneness that lives in us all, I can share the gifts of healing with clients in whatever form works best for them. Indeed, for me, the therapy process is in itself a sacred venture, and one that I take very seriously.

Besides practicing psychotherapy, I also have served in administrative positions in higher education, and currently teach in the psychology programs at the California Institute for Human Science and the California Institute of Integral Studies. Both are leading-edge graduate schools specializing in the scholarly integration of consciousness studies, spirituality and healing. Courses I’ve taught include: human development, multicultural counseling, psychotherapy approaches, family therapy, couples counseling and counseling & communication skills, supervision and psychodynamics.

In that vein I have been invited to various regional and national trainings and conferences to present on numerous topics including teaching educators mindfulness strategies, implementing behavior strategies in the classroom, as well as presenting original research and findings on topics related to psychotherapy and therapist development. I also serve as a review editor for the Frontiers in Psychology Journal, in the area of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology.

Music is, and continues to be (aside from my family) a primary source of inspiration in my life. I lived the life of an artist/musician in my twenties, playing drums in various musical outfits in different parts of the country. I still consider myself a musician, though currently retired from the form of it. My soul remains in the musical spheres, and I love bringing what I know about rhythm, harmony, patience, and artistry into my therapeutic work in an integrated way.