Couples Therapy

I see relationships as the single-most important vehicle for growth and transformation in our lives.


Because relationships can be (and often are) extraordinarily, excruciatingly difficult. No one can deny this. Yet pain, as we know, can be a great teacher.

My purpose is helping couples understand the greater meaning potential for their relationships, beyond that of dated and outworn cycles fueled by attack, defensiveness and guilt. Indeed our most difficult challenges in romantic relationships stem directly from what we believe relationships are for. In other words, the pain we experience often has little to do with the relationship itself, but rather what we have placed upon the relationship. When this is understood, the hope for authentic change is possible.

My job is to teach partners new ways of relating and understanding each other, facilitating in each individual a richer self-understanding. This is a process of growth for both the individual and the relationship, leading to more peace, more satisfaction, less insecurity and deeper feelings of intimacy. To be sure, this is not an easy process for many couples, but it is very doable, and certainly worth the effort if couples are curious and open to the process.

artwork: Claude Monet, Water Lilies (1914-17)