Online Therapy

*In light of COVID-19, I am currently offering all therapy sessions online.

I offer secure, confidential online for those who live (and are presently located) in the state of California.

What is needed?

  • A computer, tablet, phone or device with a video camera and/or videoconferencing capabilities
  • Good, steady internet connection
  • A private, secure place where you won’t be disturbed

What platform do you use?

I use Google Meet, which is a confidential and secure videoconferencing system (HIPAA compliant, if you’re wondering). When we set up an appointment, I will send you a link. At the time of our appointment just click on the link and you’ll be able to connect with me.

Are your fees different for online therapy?

Fees are the same whether in person or online. See ‘frequently asked questions’.

Am I appropriate for online therapy?

It’s essentially a matter of preference whether you want to see your therapist in person or prefer instead the convenience of online therapy.

While there are, of course, differences in the way therapy looks when it’s online, the process itself will be the same. We will talk, connect, identify issues and come up with a plan. We will discuss and process difficult emotions and life experiences. Healing can and does happen through the online format.

There are, however, some contraindications to online therapy – basically, situations when it would be best to see a therapist in person. I’m happy to discuss this with you. If you are not local, then I will assist you in finding the right person in your area.