Family/Parent Counseling

A subset of the family/couples work that I do is specifically parent-focused. Parenting children, as it is famously said, does not come with a handbook. And the tough experiences we have setting rules, limits and boundaries with our children can be fraught with high, seemingly never-ending conflict, and persistent feelings (for us and them) of anger, despair or exhaustion.

My goal is to help parents gain a new foothold in relating to their children, whether they are elementary, high school-aged or beyond (as you know, parenting never ends). We will explore the relational dynamics between you and your children and come up with an accessible, doable treatment plan. You will learn new methods for getting through to your children, as well as strategies for managing stressful situations and shifting ongoing negative patterns of communication. Our children are famously capable of taking us to our emotional edge. I help the parents I work with see things differently, in a way that is conducive to more consistency and stability, toward greater peace for all.