Spirituality and Transformative Processes

I specialize, as well, in assisting individuals on the spiritual journey, also known as the path of awakening.

Whether we have come to the path via meditation, religious or contemplative practices, shamanic journeying, psychedelic medicine, or following the teachings of an esteemed spiritual guide, at times the road gets difficult. We may be confronted with the emerging onrush of deeply held early wounding, or find ourselves questioning previously cherished beliefs. We may begin having visionary experiences, or feel completely at odds with former ways of functioning. Energetic shifts might begin happening in our body, or we may be gifted with seemingly confounding skills that we never knew we had. In any case, as we progress along the path, what we came to know as our reality might begin tearing at the seams, and the need for help and assistance becomes evident.

My purpose is to provide a safe, nonjudgmental container for individuals undergoing the profound shifts which mark the spiritual journey. We will take stock of your experiences and work toward establishing a functional context for them within your own life-process. The ultimate purpose is stabilization and normalization. Nothing here is off-limits, and through our joining we will allow the natural, loving wisdom of the present moment to guide the way.

I am familiar and conversant with a wide range of teachings, thought systems, healing modalities, and meditation styles. A long-time student on the spiritual path and academic in the world of mysticism, transpersonal psychology and consciousness studies, I endeavor to use my experience and background in the service of others who may be traversing the at times harrowing world of spiritual awakening.

Types of triggering events:

  • Ongoing meditation practice
  • Yogic or energy healing practices
  • Intensive therapeutic breath-work
  • Experiences with psychedelic, entheogenic or empathogenic medicine
  • Non-ordinary experiences (mystical experiences, i.e., experiences of oneness, communion with nature, aesthetic experiences, etc.)
  • Near-death Experiences (NDE’s), Spiritually Transformative Experiences (STE’s) etc.
  • Tragedy (death, loss, traumatic experiences)
  • Exposure to powerful teachings, teachers or healers

artwork: Hilma af Klint, Altarpiece No. 1